BALLET COMPANY OF GYŐR – HUNGARY                                                                                                  


The 39-year old Ballet Company of Győr has become one of the most decisive ensemble of the Hungarian dance life. Their repertoire encompasses almost all genres of the art of dance from classical ballet to contemporary dance or experimental projects, from the dance theatre to children’s productions.

The Company has toured almost the entire world over the past decades. They have advanced one of the companies touring the most.

They have succeeded to breed new and newer generations who worthily represent the name of the Ballet Company of Győr everywhere they step on stage.

Their cultural mission is to support the growth of an audience, from generation to generation, that loves and understands the art of dance in former industrial city.

The company have been the organiser of the Hungarian Dance Festival and the Children’s Dance Festivals since 1998. The feast of dance has become a tradition in the city and the region as well. The event is the largest celebration of Hungarian art of dance where a wide range of productions are presented from classical and contemporary styles to folk dance, ballroom dances and experience dance to urban folklore easy to understand and follow by everyone.


 László VELEKEI – Artistic Director, Choreographer, Seregi- and Harangozó Award Holder

Born in Mosonmagyaróvár, he studied folk dance and show dance until the age of 10, and graduated as ballet dancer at the Art School of Pécs.

He started his career as a founding member of the Hungarian Festival Ballet in 1996. He joined the Ballet Company of Győr in 1997, and became a private dance of the company in 1999. He has worked for the company as choreographer since 2009 when he finished dancing. He has been the Artistic Director of the Company since 2015.

He was awarded several professional awards in the course of his career such as the Excellent Dance of the Pall Mark Foundation, Junior Lyra- Prize, Martha Graham Fellowship, Fülöp Viktor Fellowship, Philip Morris Prize.

As choreographer, he has received the TAPS (Clap) Prize, Harangozó Prize and Seregi Award. He was awarded the ‚Best Creative of the Season’ granted by the Association of Hungarian Dancers in 2016 and 2018.

The international jury awarded the ‚Best Outsider Choreographer’ prize in Vienna for his etude submitted to the 7th International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Contest choreographer’.

His best known choreographies:

In Memory of Ilona Tóth ’56 (2008) ,

Whirlwind or the Mystery of Imagination (2012, 2019),

Kodály (2013),

Iron Rooster (2014),

Don’t Hurt! (2015),

The Room (2015),

Inner Voices (2016),

Anna Karenina (2016),

Romance – On Works by Zoltán Kodály (2017),

A Refugee from Warsaw (2017),

Romeo and Juliet (2017),

The Scarlet Letter (2017),

PianoPlays – Etudes on Works by Liszt and Wagner (2018),

Miss Julie (2018),

Passage – Symphony VII by Beethoven (2018),

Anna Karenina (2019)