Ballet Finland – Seven & Red Light Drowning


The audience should receive interesting and enjoyable experiences when watching a performance. Experiences that awaken feelings and opinions, and that are later a good topic for a conversation together. These are experiences, which offer a brief break from the rat race of our daily lives. With these thoughts in mind the artistic director Ville Valkonen has composed the current group of Ballet Finland to perform new ballet at its best. The company consists of talented and persistent dancers, who are all professionally trained ballet dancers. They perform numerous different choreographies that intend to awaken new interest towards the field of ballet both in Finland and around the world.

Artistic Director, Choreographer

Ville Valkonen graduated as a dancer from the Finnish National Opera Ballet School in 2007. Afterwards he has danced with the Estonian National Ballet, Finnish National Ballet and numerous theaters in England and Germany.

As a choreographer, Ville started his career with the piece Shining, which premiered in Nürnberg State Theater in 2011. His choreographing career has then continued with Ballet Finland, Finnish National Ballet and the Finnish National Opera Ballet School. Some of his best-known pieces are Seven (for Ballet Finland), Cluster of Flowers (for Finnish National Opera Ballet School) and So You Think You Can Muuv (a collaboration between Finnish National Ballet and Ballet Finland).

Ville joined Ballet Finland in 2012 as a dancer. In January 2014 he begun his work as the artistic director of the company, still continuing to dance and choreograph with the company.

”When I dance, my soul is free and my worries disappear. Dance is the way of expression I surrender myself for. It is an escape from the everyday life, the moment that dreams and love create.”


Seven is tribute to the Finnish master and grand composer Jean Sibelius. Seven dancers interpret the last work of the composer, the 7th Symphony, and bring a range of emotions, beauty and flashes of the human life on stage by means of modern ballet.

Red Light Drowning brings you a choreography made with video projections. They both dance hand in hand bringing you down to a journey of red light. How deep can you go when the creativity takes you in its control?

Choreography: Ville Valkonen
Music: Jean Sibelius – 7th Symphony, Gold Panda, Max Richter, Fryderyk Chopin
Costume design: Hanna Korjus
Lighting, video projections: Eetu Lipponen
Performing: Tiia Huuskonen, Alina Sakko, Inka Hulkko, Timo Korjus, Tuomas Hyvönen,
Ville Valkonen