Croatian National Theatre Split – 5 TO 12


We have always admired that vigorous individual on the stage dramatically colliding with senseless norms, narrow mindness, conformism and tyranny. Unique esthetical and social experience of direct contact with a live person on stage, in a collective exercise of thoughts inspired by our failed expectations, enables us to experience emotional earthquakes and we leave the theatre stronger and ready to confront reality. Or that is how we should feel leaving the theatre.

Does the theatre today have such power and are we today, in times of bad times, capable of such confrontation? We invite you to verify this together.

Welcome to the Croatian National Theatre Split!

Goran Golovko, General Manager

Artistic Director, Choreographer

Igor Kirov was born in Macedonia where he finished National Ballet school and completed his dance education at Rotterdam Dance Academy in The Netherlands. After a 20-years career with various European dance companies he decided to focus on choreographic work.

Since 2007, his works with The Kirov Dance Company were awarded in choreography competitions in Beijing, Las Palmas, Hannover, Belgrade, Mississippi, and have been performed at festivals in Macedonia, Spain, Korea, USA, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Kirov has created works for companies around the world such as Macedonian National Ballet, Opera National de Bordeaux, Croatian National Theatre Split, Opera Graz, State theatres in Germany (Darmstadt, Oldenburg, Mainz, Braunschweig, Nordhausen), Orlando Ballet in USA, Equilibrio Dinamico in Italy and many more.

He is a guest teacher at dance academies in Munich, Belgrade, Skopje, and Tokyo. Macedonian Ministry of Culture awarded him as The Artist of the Year 2016. Since 2016/2017 season, he is the Artistic Director of ballet at the Croatian National Theatre in Split.


Modern ballet by Igor Kirov with dynamic music by Kiril Džajkovski captivated the audience at the première during the 61st Split Summer Festival while 7000 spectators saw it in the very first year.

In a life game, we are provoked by different triggers and motives. In a dance game we are primarily motivated by music, in this ballet it is carefully selected and passionately lived out by Kiril Džajkovski, making it the centre of choreography impulse leading us into a world of cubes full of colours, energy and danced with love.

This world was dreamt by Igor Kirov, the choreographer, as a perfect set of 12 cubes in 12 acts with 12 dancers well aware that every dream of perfection can easily fall down like a house of cards and starting it all over playing the new game called “5 till 12”.

Choreography: Igor Kirov
Music: Kiril Džajkovski
Costume design: Aleksandar Nosphal
Set design: Matija Kovač
Assistant Choreographer: Mojca Majcen
Light design: Srđan Barbarić
Sound: Petar Ivanišević
Performing: Irina Čaban Bilandžić, Leona Sivoš, Matea Milas, Korana Bilan, Simona Caputo, Nikol Marčić, Katerina Kuznjecova, Romulus Dimache, Mihai Mezei, Ivan Boiko, Mircea Munteanu, Askhatbek Yusupzhanov, Artjom Žusov, Aleksandar Korijakovski