GöterborgOperans Danskompani: Ján Špoták, Lee-Yuan Tu

It Takes Two To Tango

Title of duet choreographed and performed by Ján Špoták and Lee-Yuan Tu refers to an english phrase which emphasises that if two people are involved in a difficult situation they both accept their part in it and share responsibility for it. A process of making decision; trying to stay true to yourself despite the expectations, values ​​and identities chosen by our society. Of course, there are times when decisions are more intricate and complex. But once the decision is done, when we already know what will happen, if we could, would we make the same decision again?

Ján Špoták and Lee-Yuan Tu will be participating in CHOREA GALA shows in Košice and Bratislava, 9th and 10th June 2018.