Laleget Danza – Pendiente & False Cognate


Laleget Danza is an ensemble of young dancers and choreographers of different nationalities who have gathered in Mexico City to explore contemporary dance, offering a contribution that is committed to our times.

In ten years of intense work, Laleget Danza has become one of the most prestigious dance companies in Mexico owing to its innovative images, high technical level and exciting choreographies.

The company regularly carries out seasons in Mexico’s most important venues and festivals such as Palacio de Bellas Artes, Teatro de la Ciudad, Teatro de las Artes, Sala Miguel Covarrubias.

Artistic Director, Choreographer

Since 2005, Diego Vazquez has created 24 works, which are part of the repertoire of Laleget Danza and other companies in Mexico such as National Dance Company of Mexico, Tania Pérez Salas, Jalisco Ballet, Morelos Ballet amongst others. His pieces range from contemporary versions of “The Nutcracker”, “Petrushka” and “Les noces” by Stravinsky, to original works based on scores by Pärt, Chavez, Revueltas, Brahms, Chopin and J.S. Bach. Mr. Vázquez was awarded a grant to complete his studies in dance by the government of The Netherlands and received his BFA from CODARTS (Rotterdam Dance Academy). As a dancer, Mr. Vázquez has performed pieces by Angelin Perljocaj, Jiri Kylián, Itzik Galili, Neel Verdoorn, Keith Derrick-Randolph, Anabelle Lopez Ochoa, Glenn van der Hoff, Tania Pérez Salas and Raúl Parrao.

He has been awarded the Young Artists Scholarship (Jóvenes Creadores) by the National Found for Culture and Arts of Mexico.


Pendiente is a duet inspired by the famous novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”. It addresses recurring themes in the novel such as a prohibited love, violence, revenge and disdain. García Marquez’ work, an essential part of Latin American cultural identity, serves as a meeting point for the three creators of this piece: Raúl Maduro, sound artist from Curaçao, Diego Vázquez, Mexican dancer and choreographer and Faizah Grootens, dancer and choreographer from Curaçao.

False Cognate is a solo inspired by the relationship the choreographer has with the Bible and the confrontation he suffers through it. It is a personal journey that originates in the mind, and arises from confusions that might occur during an inner conversation. There are misinterpretations in meanings and significations, when one comes to believe concepts that are a lie, an illusion or an unresolved riddle.

Choreography: Diego Vázquez (False Cognate), Faizah Grootens & Diego Vázquez (Pendiente)
Music: Raúl Maduro, F. Chopin – Piano Concerto F minor Op. 21
Costume design: Faizah Grootens & Diego Vázquez
Light design: Diego Vázquez, Gabriel Pascal
Technical operation: Gabriel Torres Vargas
Performing: Faizah Grootens, Diego Vázquez