Slovak Dance Theatre

Slovak Dance Theatre (formerly known as Bratislava Dance Theatre) was founded in 1997 and is the most successful Slovak company producing modern dance shows. For ten years, Tower Stage Theatre was its home stage for 10 years.

SDT is an independent dance theatre company working on a project basis and cooperates with the best dance performers of the current Slovak and European scene. Its reperoire consists of total theatre pieces combining music, dance and drama elements: among others Carmen, The Firebird, Labuťko (Swanie), Bolero / A Mother’s Story, Romeo & Juliet. It has performed more than 1 500 shows up to date.

Its art was has been applauded in metropolis such as New York, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Rome, Madrid, Quebec or Amsterdam. In autumn 2017, SDT went on Carmen World Tour in the national theatres of Croatia, Serbia, historical opera in Helsinki, Finland and in Mexico City. in April 2018, SDT came back to Finland to be a part of the events celebrating 25th anniversary of Slovak Republic.

Miroslav Martinovič was a competitive ballroom dancer between 1994 and 2010. He started his professional dancing career in 2004, having performed in many different productions, mainly in musicals but also in dance projects both home and abroad. He has been cooperating with the Slovak Dance Theatre for several years now. Miroslav is also a member of a dance company Credance (finalists of Czecho-Slovak Got Talent show in 2012). In the past several years, he is the first soloist of Slovak Dance Theatre where he portays Don José in the hugely-successful production of Carmen which brought him to a world tour in 2017 and Finnish tour in 2018. He also made an unprecedented performance in SDT’s Richard III in the titular role. Among his most notable pieces are Neberte nám princeznú, West Side Story, Painted on the Glass, Romeo & Juliet, Jesus Christ Superstar and many others. He was also a guest performer in the Tempest by Opera Graz.

Ivana Kučerová is an experienced Slovak dancer and choreographer who has actively worked and still works on professional stages of Slovak Dance Theatre, Slovak National Theatre, Nová scéna Theatre, State Theatre Košice, Puppet Theatre Košice and others. As a dancer she performed in Canada, Italy, China, France, Austria, Mexico, Croatia, Serbia, Finland and other countries. Her repertoire includes title such as The Firebird, Jesus Christ Superstar, Carmen, Richard III., Cats, Mamma Mia, Romeo & Juliet, Painted on the Glass, The Fifth Element a and others.
„Stage is my second home“.